"we seriously sleep!"
Posted By Trish - Oakland, CA

Just wanted to say...thank you soooo  very much for seriously
making our daily lives easier because we now get more sleep with your
swaddle with both our babies. I first got your swaddle with my
first child. It was the only way she could sleep through the night without
''wiggling'' out of the blanket swaddle. Now with my second child, same
thing...we seriously sleep
through the night with your swaddle and NEVER leave home without it!

Dr. Thomas F. Long
Posted By
Dr. Thomas F. Long, Pediatrician; Director of San Ramon
Valley Primary Care

".....The Loving  Baby Swaddle Blanket further assures the safe "back
to sleep" position for sleeping newborns. And if that is not enough, it's
cute and makes  that newborn baby an especially comfortable bundle
to hold and adore.  "

"I've bought a total of 7 swaddles so far."
Posted By Jessi - Wasilla, AK

I got one of these swaddles for my baby shower and I loved it so much
it is what I give everyone for theirs.  This is my third oder through you
and I've bought a total of 7 swaddles so far.  Thank you.

Swaddling Is Very Important for Newborn Infants
Posted By
Kate Ratto ,Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner, San Ramon Valley
Primary Care

Kate Ratto, P.N.P. states that swaddling is very important for newborn
infants....She uses this example from her experience in pediatrics to
make a point regarding the importance of swaddling and to
demonstrate to what length parents will go to calm their babies and to
give them that snug secure feeling. Kate reports that she has not seen
anything like the Loving Baby Swaddle Blanket. It provides a snug fit
that stays in place and is easy to use. She has seen a few blankets
that use Velcro to secure the swaddle and finds that this defeats the
purpose of calming baby as it can wake a sleeping baby with its noise.

"We LOVE our blanket"
Posted By Wendy (mother of three), Florida

"There are times when it is the only thing that stops him from crying! It
is one of the best baby products I have ever received!"

"I am so excited about this blanket"
Posted By
Cathy, Child Birth Instructor, FL

"It will be such a joy to watch as one baby at a time finds the comfort
and securtiy of the Best Swaddle Blanket on the market. One baby,
one blanket at at time you're making a difference. Thank you."

"I won't let my baby sleep with any other blanket."
Posted By Jennifer - Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

I have a friend that let me borrow her blanket. I won't let my baby sleep
with any other blanket. He sleeps longer with Loving Baby.

"The Loving Baby Swaddle Blanket saves time!"
Posted By
Karen Johnson, RN California

"I can remember when I used to work as a neonatal nurse how difficult
and time-consuming it was to swaddle. It was also a problem keeping
babies swaddled. The Loving Baby Swaddle Blanket saves time and
stays intact! Make sure you introduce this swaddle blanket to

"Had to have a second while other is washing!"
Posted By Tina - St. Cloud, Florida

"No baby or parent should be without this swaddle!"
Posted By Melissa - Orlando, Florida

I Love your swaddles and am buying one for my friend's baby shower.
No baby or parent should be without this swaddle!

"I can't imagine not having one for our son!"
Posted By Natalie - Dublin, California

Our daughter was given one of your blankets while in the NICU, and I
can't imagine not having one for our son!

"Very easy to use!!"
Posted By Lisa - Pagosa Springs, CO


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